About Us

The Van Plettenberg Historical Society was established in 1980. A non-profit organization, it has staged some 175 talks over the last 30 years. Subjects have ranged largely over the fascinating local history (and pre-history) of the area, from the last Ice Age to the comparatively recent past.

The Constitution enjoins members to –

  • collect and collate information;
  • collect and preserve documents;
  • preserve buildings and artefacts of historical interest; and
  • distribute and make available to a wider public the fruits of these activities.

While a list of talks has been provided elsewhere on this site, we also show some places of historical interest. These will be added to over time.

Transcripts or summaries of the talks are available on request to the Society. They will be forwarded by email or post for a fee, which covers the costs of scanning or photocopying (if necessary). We would also welcome voluntary contributions towards the Society’s activities.

Members of the Historical Society are also available to answer questions about the archaeology of the area; its more recent, recorded or documented history; or to visit together some or all of the historical relics and exhibits.

For further information on the history of Plettenberg Bay and related matters