30 years ago : Defining moments

14 November 2011

Speaker:  Peter Duminy

This Talk has been substantially motivated by recollections, especially remembrance of straws in the wind that preceded – and help to account for – the formation of our Society  30 years ago. I have called them ‘Defining Moments’.

Why? Because, the more one...

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Who planted the beacon on Beacon Island?

13 November 2011

Speaker:   Andrew Duminy                          

The local legend: According to Pat Storrar, the beacon was erected on the Island in 1772 (the Van Plettenberg website says 1771), inscribed with the latitude and longitude of Plettenberg Bay. The caption on the photograph of the...

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The English Settlers in the Crags until 1900

11 September 2011

Speaker:     Clive Noble

The Read Family

James Read came to South Africa in 1808.He was a shipwright. He lived and worked in Cape Town. He went to George in 1823 where he married Anna Terblanche. They had 3 children. The 2 sons, Ignatius and James, in 1862 bought the farm Matjesfontein on...

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Cape Rebels 1899-1902

10 July 2011

Speaker:     Dr Taffy Shearing

Today I have been asked to talk about aspects of the South African War from the Cape Colony perspective.  And I have decided to stick to 'Cape Rebels 1899-1902'; and to introduce you all to The Rebel Record, which David and I have just published in three...

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New ideas about old caves

15 May 2011

Speaker:         Prof Judith Sealy

The many caves and open-air archaeological sites on the Robberg Peninsula have long been known to contain a wealth of archaeological material, some of it many hundreds of thousands of years old. Plett and surrounding areas were desirable places to live...

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The history of Soetkraal and its people

13 March 2011

Speaker:     Edwin van Huyssteen

My grandfather and grandmother van Huyssteen had, with two ox-wagons, moved to Soetkraal in 1936 .  They had come from Clarence – that was on the de Vlugt side. 

They were in their early-fifties and had eight children.  Joey, their eldest daughter, was...

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Changing times at Matjes River rock shelter

30 January 2011

Speaker:         Dr Janette Deacon

Location and history

Matjes River Rock Shelter is on private property above the western bank of the mouth of the Matjes River, a small stream a few hundred metres east of the beach at Keurboomstrand.  It was declared a national monument in 1960 because...

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